Friday, November 11, 2011


My dream of landing a job here, and earning SGD finally materialise.
Its like a land of opportunities and definitely an eye opener for someone like me.
I've been working for two months here in a humble mid-tier firm. Surprisingly, Singapore is not as scary as how people used to portray it. Fast moving, crazy people, materialistic place. Yeah, I cannot deny it, its pretty true in a way. However, I guess its more like a blessing that I am in this mid-tier firm rather than any Big firms, as people here are very much down to earth. I have partners acknowledging me in the lift, at the corridor, even outside before office hours. I feel so belonged, especially when bosses are able to call me by my name.
This reminded me of an incident back then in my previous firm when I actually smiled and acknowledged this particular boss whom I actually had dinner with before during his engagement. And to my surprise, he look away, totally ignoring my existence.
I dont know whether it i really a blessing in disguise as I slowly realise that I'll be shouldering lots of burden. With tonnes worth of jobs waiting for me. And being really incompetent at the moment, I constantly worry about producing disastrous outcome. Singapore tax is also giving me headache. IT'S SO FREAKING COMPLICATED.
Great news is, I am performing during my annual dinner. Will be dancing traditional fan dance. Lolz. Its a fun place to be now. And I'm enjoying every bits I am here.
May my days always stay bright.


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