Friday, August 12, 2011

Life as an auditor - Year 1

After a year working as auditor, and next week mark my last week in my current firm, I guess it would be great to write a summary of Life as a year 1 auditor.

Auditors definite work like mad, eat at odd hours,sleep at odd hours and go through pile and pile of work just to meet the deadline.
I never quite understand why all the sacrifices for work. Maybe, its the guarantee of a brighter future?? Or because, the "kiasu" feeling, not wanting to be doing anything different from others?
Auditors are clearly overwork and underpaid. Yet, I can't help but to notice the growing numbers of new joiners every now and then, not to mention, the growing numbers of people registering for accountancy/ finance course yearly.

To date, my record for longest working hours, is from 8.30am till 6am next morning. Sleep, and then get back to work at 9am till 5am...which went on for a week. I am still struggling with myself, asking whether all these sacrifices are worth it. Because, I will only know it, after like what...5 or 10 years of tolling my ass off at work. No?

I'm leaving my first year of audit life here to pursue another audit life elsewhere. Still being the "kiasu" one, I refuse to change career path, holding on to the belief that audit provides a strong foundation for everything else in the corporate world.
And yet, part of me dread the idea or forcing myself up from bed early, and to work through late nights.

First year as auditor, I sure as hell has learned many things the hard way. I've been told for not using my brain. I've been told by SIC that looking at my work makes her feel like vomitting. I was very shock and hurt. But as time goes by, I realise that, you can't just please everyone. People make mistakes, they learn, they grow up, they improve. Its not wrong to make mistakes, regardless of it being careless and stupid mistakes. We all do that.
I stop caring about what others think bout me. I stop being bothered about whether I was liked by seniors. I sure will not care about evaluation anymore in the future.
Evaluations are bias. Its always on impression. and sometimes even taken to personal level.

In this one year, I have seen how people play the dirty old office politic stuff. And it really makes me wonder a lot, whether life is really fair after all?
No, dear friends, life is never fair. It will never be.
It will just get worse, you learn to be tougher, you learn to accept, learn to let go, and move on. Whether for the better, or the worst.

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