Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One step at a time.

Since I was young, I thought my life was laid out....not in the most perfect manner..but in an averagely acceptable way. My achievement, my progress, my relation with friends and family are all good. I don't question about life that much. I was happy to believe You did everything for me, to ensure my life is smooth sailing.
I know, in life, there are ups and downs. People go through pain, to get laughter. You are always fair. You ensure everyone has the same amount of happines and sorrow.
But why do I go through months of pain, and heartaches? Without any way to start realizing I could walk out of it without fear.
Deep in me, I fear to face the fact. I lack the encouragement to make the decision.
And I thought, I was strong...

I am grateful I have friends...whose support, keep me going.
And I know I'm a disappointment to them.
I know it hurts them to see me fall.
I know if there is anything in the world they could do to help me stand again..they would go the extra mile for ensure I could smile again.

But at the end of the day. I know, only I can help myself.
-God will only help those who help themselves-

Everything happens for a reason....
I hope this is happening for a good course. I have faith that after a long walk in the cave, I will finally see ray of hope in the end...and emerge as somebody better.

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