Monday, January 5, 2009

Inner thoughts

I was told...the way I described the characters in my blogs....I made it too obvious for people to associate it to the real person.

Do I feel any obligation to write my characters in a more abstract manner?
-Why should I?

Someone told me...that my blogs sound like I hold lotsa grudges...
-Ain't blogs the place we vent out our dissatisfaction? Anger? Sadness?

I'm overflowed with mix feelings recently.
I owed my bestfriend a story. To tell her how was New Year eve.

But, why do I find it hard to tell her? To pour out everything? Everything that happened...and what I felt?

I always think life is to be enjoyed...without worries...and without burden.
I believe in living my life to the max.
But, why is it I feel a sense of responsibility now. Feel with guilt.

I should have started studying long ago.
How am I to sit for my exam in the next 2 weeks time?
I can't even recall how to do Absorption Costing.
What happen to me?
Each time I open my book, I stared at it in disbelief. Feel like I need to go back to Diploma level and learn everything all over again.

Someone once told me....."Once a thief, always a thief"
.......does it mean..."Once a failure, always a failure"?


Ning said...

nope, ppl change. for the worse or for the better, so u cant just brand urself as smthg and not make the effort to change. besides, there're always second chances.

hang in there dear.

n i'm always here whenever u need me =)

Andrew LD said...

vent scream shout! bagi the who ever puas puas...who the xxxx cares what they think....its really up to you! carry on doing it as long u enjoy doing it erny! take care!