Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have you ever waken up one day, and come to the realization that whoever you're dating now, just isn't the right one?
And deep down inside, you know that in your quest to look for your future husband, the best thing you can do for yourself is to give this one up.
But as much as you assure yourself that you'll be alright, there is just too much emotional attachement involved, the courage you have inside, though growing stronger and stronger each day, you're still unable to convince yourself that letting go, would be doing yourself a great favour.
Instead of waking up each day, wondering into space, why you put yourself through such torture. And faith is the only thing that keeps you holding on. Holding on, believing that things will fall into pieces on its own. And believing that going with the flow is how life should be.

It seriously does not work this way. Yes, sitting here and whine till dawn meet dusk, nothing is going to change...unless someone do something about it. And if neither have the courage to voice out, then we'll both be jolly well stuck in our own comfort zone for God knows how long.

I'm just as emo as these pictures:


Hayley said...

Hai Erny, I understand how you feel.. did had that experience few times before when I was still dating, but that was just a sudden emotional swing, I end up married to him now :P
Hope you're alright!

danielchowtzeyoong said...

hey, everything ok there?:)

AnnTan said...

you looked like someone had throw up their breakfast on you...

Anonymous said...

hang in there, sis. tomorrow is another day with rising sun. keep your head up and don't be afraid of making decisions!