Sunday, January 16, 2011

This feeling sucks

People often say, when you hit rock bottom, what will the next thing to happen?
Is that you go up.

How true is that? When I analyse my life, and to realise that I have been hitting rock bottom for like what? More than 18months. And I'm still swimming in the deep blue sea, all I can feel is, yes, rock bottom. Can't even see the sky above to even visualise days of happiness..

I look around everyday, observing different people in life. Some are simply too good with hiding and burying their feelings, while, some, like me, gets emotional very fast. Of course, the weaker ones always lose out in every aspect.
Recently nothing seems to flow with me. Everything is so wrong. I do not want constant excitement, and continuous laughter in life. But I guess, a little peace and harmony wouldn't be too much of a request??
Why do shit happens? To make you stronger?? and how? how does it even help?

I'm so not happy here. So.Not.Happy.

Dear God, is it too much for me to ask for some changes? Bit of enlightenment. Some motivation. Courage. And self realisation? Have I ask from You too much when I was younger, and this is how I should repay for it?

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Shingo T said...

Life a little about what happens to you, and mostly about how you react to it.

Better things will come, if you start seeing things in a better light.

What you need now, is something to distract you from the negative thoughts - maybe a little vacation, some catchup with good friends, or a little retail therapy. ^_^

Cheer up, Erny! Things will get better soon.