Sunday, December 5, 2010

THE look.

No. This post ain't going to be anything bout look. I'm just trying to be creative with my title, and it's quite obvious that I failed miserably here.
Anyway, well, something related to the title, a picture of myself.

Life is just a mess now for me. I don't know how much to disclose here, knowing that my blog is made public, I need to weigh the consequences of writing too much personal stuff here.
But at the moment, I think I'm having a pretty screwed up time. Don't be deceived by the smiling photo above.


reanaclaire said...

Hope you are feeling better now.. life is such.. lately i also ranted about how i felt..

Shingo T said...

Cheer up, Erny!

The Man Above has this funny hobby - when he takes away something from you, he gives you something in return.

Keep an eye out for what he gives you!