Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My lovely family.

It has been 3 months since I last saw my family. I never thought I would miss them that much, until they came to visit me. They were actually on their way home from Singapore. It was a short holiday trip for my sister. Dad insisted to stop by KL so that they can see how I'm doing.

Clear enough, I have put on weight. Not much I would say. However it looks obvious in photos and Ning told me so, that I look round in my big blog picture. That picture was taken by the bf when I visited him in Leicester on 4th Nov 2010 till 13th Nov 2010. It was a week's trip. I didn't manage to snap lots of pictures, because surprisingly winter this year came way way earlier than expected. And we were so cold, neither of us were willing to stop for long out in the cold just for some shots of the scenaries...which of course, now back in Malaysia's hot and humid weather, I kinda regretted not enjoying shivering in the cold.

Working life obviously took its toll on me. I spend at least 15min per day staring into the mirror examining my face everyday. Wondering when will the evil fine lines and wrinkles start forming. I put aside portion of my salary just to make planning for future investment in more reliable skincare. I don't fear aging. I just want to age gracefully.

But, of course, looking on the bright side, the one definite thing I enjoy about working, is that I have reasons to put on makeup everyday. The more I use, the faster it'll finish, and the sooner I can start going shopping for more stuff. I'll write more bout my working life next time.
As for now, I'm just thankful I have supportive family and my sister has apparently grown up to be a lot wiser and mature than before. And of course, being the ever so envious me, I hate that my sis looks good in everything she wears. Her fashion sense has imporoved by leaps and bounds. She makes me feel like and old aunty.


Hayley said...

Family is our greatest treasure! Do keep in touch with them no matter how busy we are...

MKL said...

You're looking great on that photo. Have a lovely December, girl :)

Neo said...

I like the floral print! suits you.

ernyyy, hope you're hanging in there.