Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How do you learn how to be happy and grateful for the things that happen out of your expectation?

How do you learn not to be upset, and anger bout things that don't happen when you expected them to happen?

How do you learn to focus on the positive side of life, rather than to magnify all the negative aspects of it?

I always pride myself as an easily contented girl. But truth be told, I am not. I don't even know where to derive my happiness from. How to live a fruitfull life. Or to even acknowledge the fact that I have almost a near perfect life compared to many other people in poorer countries, or to those disabled people we often bump along the way. I know very well that it is already a blessing to be able to wake up everyday and find myself breathing. Being alive itself, is a reason to put a smile on the face and march through life.

But why is it, in the end? I am still not happy.


Shibby said...

This is something I battle with a lot! I have started being better though and just enjoying life as it is and making the most of every moment. The way I do it is I've learnt to recognise in myself when I start to feel annoyed at something that maybe isn't going the way I'd like it to or something happens that I really didn't expect and to just let it go, breath and find something good or something to smile about :)

It takes time and effort but you will get there =)

Erny said...

Shibby: Thanks for your encourangement. I'll try. I do hope it gets better. :x

Josh said...

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Shingo T said...

The easiest form of happiness is to have REALLY low expectations.

Refrain from comparing yourself with other more fortunate friends.

And finally, everytime you are unhappy about something/someone, think about one good point about the person. It will make your anger go down a little.

And when you are angry, don't talk. Cool down and think it over.