Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fenling the perfect dupe for expensive brushes

You know you can never achieve great looking makeup without the proper tools?
I am a brush whore.
I buy, and buy, and buy.
When I was in UK, I either kept ordering makeup brushes from ebay, or I'll be randomly buying brushes off department stores. Boyfie actually asked me whether I was going to use them to brush my backside.
I splurge a lot on brushes as I believe the tools are just equally important as what you apply on your face.
However, my journey of collecting expensive makeup brushes ended after I return home, because in Malaysia, you can find the perfect dupe for Ecotool brushes (my holy grail brush). I have Ecotool powder brush, blush brush, travelling size kits, and the retractable kabuki brush. They cost me a lot, for someone who is still studying.
Let me unveil the perfect dupe for Ecotool brush, at a fraction of its price.

Ta-dah!!! Fenling.
Price at only RM20 for the huge, kabuki brush, and RM18 for the short handle blush brush.
I'm totally amazed by its comparable quality. Very soft and non scratchy. I really regretted being such an obsessed freak in my quest for buying Ecotools and Everyday Mineral brushes, because I could have saved a lot if only I've had stumbled upon Fenling brushes earlier.
These brushes can be purchased at Paradise Boutique along with other attractive accessories.
Go check it out people, if you haven't got any brushes yet. These are good investment.


Hayley said...

Hmm, I only use brush to apply blusher. as for eyes, I'm using my fingers.. hehe..
It take some effort to take care of the brushes though..

Erny said...

Lol. i keep so many brushes till I can't even remember which brush is clean, and which is used already. lol

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Erny, an artist never has one brush. A professional photographer never one camera, nor a fisherman, one rod.
So, go ahead....but why not buy those colourful plastic cups, label them, then have your brushes in them, on your dressing table....

You have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Erny said...

Uncle Lee: Yeah..will do so, when I get myself settle in a proper home first.haha...