Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ning and her awesome friends

After realising I have more than half of my friends being "banana", and by me moving my blog to a 100% chinese writing blog, I seem to have really achieved my objective in stopping friends to read bout my personal life.
But then again, it pretty much look to me that I am in control of what to blog. So, I guess, my move to close down this blog permanently is not that wise after all.
Therefore, I plan to continue blogging here..

I went to Singapore for a short trip. For many reasons I do not want to disclose here, but of course, one very obvious reason, is to spend time with my bestfriend, Ning.

In this picture, there are four of us, with the other two being Ning's very good friends, who happened to make my stay in Singapore an awesome one too. Besides them, I have my very own best roommate, Yin Tee jie, and best college mate, Wei Jian, who took the trouble to meet up with me, and ensure my trip there was a splendid one too.

I am glad that I have such great friends, I am starting to think, life isn't treating me that bad after all.


Hayley said...

Hai Erny, for your information, I still follow your this blog and still inside my link list ;)
Friends are forever, glad to know that you have bunch of good friends around!
Take care and have a nice day!

Erny said...

Thank you Haylet for following my blog. :-)